arrest them 


pokémon trainer clementine


pokémon trainer clementine





Ever wanted to see a secretary bird make out with a lammergeier? Nah, me neither. 


Here are a couple of sample images from both FORBIDDEN BIRD BOY LOVE ~Eden~ and FORBIDDEN BIRD BOY LOVE ~Paradice Reguined~ or, as the cover puts it, “BL of the bird, by the bird, for the bird.”

I’m not going to scan either of them more than this, because the creators were nice enough to make them available for international buyers to purchase (here) and (here). (Oops, the first one is sold out.)

It’s mostly short cute stories with totally accurate depictions of birds; I can identify most of the species visually, and it’s weird shit like nightjars and gay penguins and swallows and burrowing owl x king vulture and kiwi x ostrich and all that sort of shit. A+ would buy again.

someone help me navigate checkout ;-;


Well, the awesome thing is that the circle sell the books on Alice Books (as listed above by the very awesome OP) so that international buyers can actually pick them up. Here’s a guide to navigating the checkout by yours truly: 

1) Click the nice big blue button on the page underneath the sales detail box as pictured below.image

2) It will take you to this page, which is your cart! It’s just like any other cart out there, and you can pick a quantity and everything. The bottom lists the sale total, then the cost of tax for the sale, and the final price pre-shipping below that. Click the big blue next button to continue.


3) This is where it gets really easy. Don’t pay any attention to the intimidating boxes for entering things like your CC details — instead click the ‘Click here for overseas shipping’ option. 


4) Now you’re on the easy street. As the big red notice at the top says, they’re having a few delays right now — I’d say that the popularity of the latest book since it’s pretty big in JP as well right now has put a lot of demand on their supply, but they’ll email out invoices as soon as possible when then can guarantee stock. If you’re cool with that, fill out your info in the boxes below as demonstrated.

It’s SUPER IMPORTANT to include a PayPal email address if you have one — for international buyers they will most likely be sending out PayPal invoices to keep track of everything, and for their own sanity. If you don’t though, don’t worry, they will contact you and try to arrange a credit card payment (most likely into their paypal account since non-paypal users can still use a CC to pay into someone’s paypal) as bank transfers aren’t possible. 


5) Once you’ve given them all the info, just click the Proceed to Checkout button and your order will be placed! It’ll take them up to 4 weeks to contact you with an invoice which will include the total shipping cost on top of the 1,080円, which you can then pay and voila, you’ll have a Bird Doujinshi being shipped to your door a week or two after payment! 

Hope it helps you fellow bird yaoi doujin enthusiasts. ;) 



I can’t believe The Maze Runner movie managed to be worse than the book


Willie Gomez by Rick Day


Willie Gomez by Rick Day


are dogs even real?




TGS 2014 - Final Fantasy XV trailer.

"It’s been a long time coming… Almost there."

This trailer comes out alongside the news that Nomura’s officially stepped down as director of FFXV to focus on other projects — among them, KHIII.

this trailer totally sold it for me. I haven’t been this excited for a final fantasy in ages.

yo that car

Still no release date I see